Top Foods You Should Never Eat

In today’s world, there is a great increase in the number of diseases that occur due to lifestyle habits. In addition to reduced time for exercise, there are also unhealthy foods that people are eating today. Most of these foods are the ones responsible for the lifestyle disease that many people are getting today. Diabetes, hypertension and even obesity are some of the lifestyle diseases that may occur due to poor diet habits.

Top foods you should never eat

There is a debate on the foods that are healthy and the ones that are not. The guide below will help you know the top foods you should never eat if you want to stay away from these lifestyle diseases.

• Sugary drinks
Added sugar is one of the most dangerous thing in a human body. However, these are sources of added sugar that are more dangerous than the others. Sugars when consumed, the body fails to recognize them as food. Thus, the people are forced to increase their food consumption and therefore leading to an increase in calorie intake. When added sugars are consumed in high contents, they can lead the resistance of insulin on the body and therefore highly contribute to the chances of fatty alcohol disease in the body. Replace these sugary drinks with plain water, tea, soda water or water with a lemon slice to add flavor.

• Pizza
This is one of the most convenient fast food yet it has the most junk. What makes it unhealthy is because the ingredients used to make it are all unhealthy. The dough for the pizza is made from wheat flour that has been highly refined. The meat is mostly processed and it contains many fats and calories. In place of these commercially made pizzas, you may make your own home made pizzas and replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones.

• Vegetable oils
Over the recent past, the consumption of added fats has greatly increased among many people, and so as the consumption of refined vegetable oils therefore. Soy bean oil, canola oil, cotton seed oil and corn oil are among the most popular refined vegetable oils that are being used by any people to prepare different foods. These oils have a high omega 6 content that is unhealthy in the human body. Since they are very sensitive to oxidation, these oils lead to the increase in oxidative stress in the body, which increases the risk of cancer. Instead of using these refined vegetable oils, you can use extra virgin olive oil, butter avocado oil and coconut oil.

In order to ensure that you are at a lower risk of being affected by lifestyle diseases, there are certain foods you should avoid completely. In addition to the ones listed above, there is also cookies, cakes and pastries. This is because these products are made with refined sugar, wheat and also added fats. All these ingredients are extremely unhealthy. In addition, these products do not have any nutritional value to the body but instead, they have tons of calories that can lead to excessive weigh gain and exposure to lifestyle diseases. There are great food themed slot machines available, you should check sites such as for more information.