The Truth

softThere is nothing more refreshing than a hot summer’s day than looking back a refreshing glass of your favourite soft drink. It’s part of the tradition of the Western world, yet if you were to ask any doctor or nutritionist about the dangers of drinking soda water with gas injected into it along with collection of fairly dodgy chemicals to add taste and a large spoonful of sugar to add to its sweetness levels, you can well imagine what the answer would be.

To be fair in recent years the public at large are becoming increasingly aware of dangers of drinking far too much of these soft drinks, with many previous “over indulgers“ at least looking at drinking sugar free, some of them are going as far as drinking caffeine free versions of their favourites to reduce their dependence. However, after many years of high-powered advertising it will be difficult if not impossible to convince the lot of people to reduce their intake of this sugar filled and caffeine filled taste bombs. Even though medical research has shown that too much of an intake of these drinks will eventually lead to a person becoming overweight, the early onset of osteoporosis and other illnesses that are reluctant to mention.

Even more of a concern to those who are concerned about the health of others is the growth in demand among younger and more pressurised members of society for high energy drinks. All the negative factors relating to soft drinks seem small compared to what can be found in a very small can of an energy drink. The levels of caffeine found in these high energy drinks are so high that if they are taken in any kind of quantity, the harmful effects will be felt almost immediately. And it’s not as if the people who are taking these high-energy drinks are doing it to quench their thirst, but instead to give themselves an adrenalin boost in the middle of a pressurised working day or a long night of dancing and entertainment at the local club.

When it comes to the crunch, the tastiest and healthiest drink of them all is fresh water, but it will be difficult to convince a lot of today’s generation to think otherwise. If you want to find more about the possible dangers of drinking soft drinks and particularly energy drinks, you should click on the soft drinks face off web site. Don’t wait too long!