Discover the Food Casino!

Food casino is a game that has stood out amongst the most common casino games that have been in existence. Other than the usual casinos that are commonly used by the majority to bet, food casino is the most enjoyable, its fun, its different and above all suitable for those people that have a lot of appetites. In London at The Diner, is where all these fun will be going down. Below is a description of what you don’t want to miss.

The event apart from being a fun event and a party too, it will also be launching a site which is now referred to as the 777. It is a site inspired by the early 1950s where gambling was real and some people took it as a source of income aside from being fun, hence the inspiration. For more info, you can visit the official site of cosmo casino where you can even register!

It is a party that will be having plenty of burgers. Burgers will be the main food of competition. And then, of course, there will be no game without the gamblers and puns. All those who are participating will be given a burger which of course will be free and chips i.e. the one that is used in roulette. And then they will have to gamble and the one that wins will win more food that is French fries.

In every game, there must be rules and these apply to this food casino too. The guest who will avail themselves will bet using the chips. That is the real chips that are used in roulette. The gamblers can buy back the currency they have lost. This will cost them five euros. By currency, they mean the food. It will be used as a currency.

The guest will win staff like milkshakes, sides or even the steaks that are available on the events menu. For those guest that will need more chips maybe because they reduced due to hunger or due to losing they can buy back the currency that is the food and the money used to buy back will be used t donate to the research regarding cancer.

This is the best part of a food casino. One can exchange his/her individual winnings with either onion rings or cheesecakes. With all these and then thereafter taking diner then food casinos become the most interesting games that one can ever think of! For those who still prefer real bets, luckily you can still place your bets with Yukon Gold Casino!

In conclusion, the first food casino that is taking place at The Diner at London will be a blast, a party that no one does not want to miss. The most interesting part of this that caught my eyes is that they use some of the money they receive from the guest who are buying back their currency is that they donate for the research of cancer. That is so helpful and kind to society. It is a nice way to get back to society. So even for the guest the participants in whichever way they get out of the food casino, they always contribute to the society. The Diner is the place to be for the first food casino game. It is fun, benefiting, and a mind relieving party. Above all, for all the participants and guest they should always carry their appetite.

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Top Healthy Snacks to Have at Anytime of The Day

Would you like to have a healthy body and live long? You should consider a number of factors. It is important that you check what you eat on a daily basis. If you fail to check your meals, you might end up gaining weight and even get lifestyle diseases. Some kids are already obese even before reaching the age of 12.This is not right. There are many factors that lead to weight gain. Your diet contributes to weight gain. In this case, you should take a healthy diet all the time. It is also important that you take healthy snacks all the time and at anytime of your day; while at work, at the gym, at the movies, even playing to your favorite games or online casinos. Speaking of online casinos, have you had a look at If not yet you might want to take a look and register with Yukon Gold casino, our editor’s choice! But let’s get back to our healthy snacks! Some of them are capable of making you gain a lot of weight. In this case, you should go for the healthy snacks only. The following are some healthy snacks to have at any time of the day;

1. Hard boiled eggs.
Eggs are known to possess several nutrients. One of them is proteins. You can actually take hard-boiled eggs at any time. You can choose to take them for breakfast or even lunch. These eggs can make you get satisfied for many hours. In addition, you will get more energy to get through to dinner. It is worth noting that one eggs is just 78 calories. This is one of the healthy snacks that you should get. You can even prepare these eggs in your home. It is easy to boil eggs and serve then when hot.

2. Pancakes.
Pancakes are usually very easy to prepare. You can actually prepare 4 to 5 pancakes for your breakfast. If you are two in your house, you can prepare more. You just need wheat flour and eggs. You can then add small quantities of sugar so that it can be tasty. You can take them with tea in the morning or during lunch hour. These pancakes usually have essential proteins which can
make your body healthier.

3. Cherry tomatoes.
If you live near a market, you can readily buy several tomatoes and slice them into small pieces. You will note that this snack will help you lose weight and make you feel full. You can actually eat as many as you want. The good news is that this snack can help prevent snack among other benefits.

4. Yogurt
You can readily get yogurt in retail shops and supermarkets. You can buy different flavors of yogurt. This depends on what you like. It is worth noting that yogurt usually have several nutrients that are healthy for your body. Most people usually prefer taking yogurt when they are traveling. Others, usually like taking it when they are watching a movie. It is a healthy snack that can make you not to crave for other meals. You will feel full for quite some time. You can buy it in the morning or even in the evening.

5. Chocolates.
You can grab a few chocolates as you leave the supermarket. They are normally sweet and nutritious. You should consider buying some dark chocolates today. These snacks are very healthy. You can trust that these snacks will not make you become overweight. Consider these snacks today and you will have a healthy body. They are truly effective.

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