Top Foods You Should Never Eat

In today’s world, there is a great increase in the number of diseases that occur due to lifestyle habits. In addition to reduced time for exercise, there are also unhealthy foods that people are eating today. Most of these foods are the ones responsible for the lifestyle disease that many people are getting today. Diabetes, hypertension and even obesity are some of the lifestyle diseases that may occur due to poor diet habits.

Top foods you should never eat

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There is a debate on the foods that are healthy and the ones that are not. The guide below will help you know the top foods you should never eat if you want to stay away from these lifestyle diseases.

• Sugary drinks
Added sugar is one of the most dangerous thing in a human body. However, these are sources of added sugar that are more dangerous than the others. Sugars when consumed, the body fails to recognize them as food. Thus, the people are forced to increase their food consumption and therefore leading to an increase in calorie intake. When added sugars are consumed in high contents, they can lead the resistance of insulin on the body and therefore highly contribute to the chances of fatty alcohol disease in the body. Replace these sugary drinks with plain water, tea, soda water or water with a lemon slice to add flavor.

• Pizza
This is one of the most convenient fast food yet it has the most junk. What makes it unhealthy is because the ingredients used to make it are all unhealthy. The dough for the pizza is made from wheat flour that has been highly refined. The meat is mostly processed and it contains many fats and calories. In place of these commercially made pizzas, you may make your own home made pizzas and replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones.

• Vegetable oils
Over the recent past, the consumption of added fats has greatly increased among many people, and so as the consumption of refined vegetable oils therefore. Soy bean oil, canola oil, cotton seed oil and corn oil are among the most popular refined vegetable oils that are being used by any people to prepare different foods. These oils have a high omega 6 content that is unhealthy in the human body. Since they are very sensitive to oxidation, these oils lead to the increase in oxidative stress in the body, which increases the risk of cancer. Instead of using these refined vegetable oils, you can use extra virgin olive oil, butter avocado oil and coconut oil.

In order to ensure that you are at a lower risk of being affected by lifestyle diseases, there are certain foods you should avoid completely. In addition to the ones listed above, there is also cookies, cakes and pastries. This is because these products are made with refined sugar, wheat and also added fats. All these ingredients are extremely unhealthy. In addition, these products do not have any nutritional value to the body but instead, they have tons of calories that can lead to excessive weigh gain and exposure to lifestyle diseases. There are great food themed slot machines available, you should check sites such as for more information.

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Pepsi vs. Coke

Coca-cola-vs-PepsiFor some it makes no difference, and for some it’s a matter of life and death. Pepsi vs. Coke, which are available in almost everywhere are two very similar yet very different brands that are equally popular around the world. Some say there is a huge difference between Pepsi and Coke, while some suggest it is all in the head.

It is believed that Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. However, a blindfolded test gave surprising results. When people were given both Pepsi and Coke to drink and to find the difference, they failed to do so as they both tasted same to them. However, when they were not blindfolded, they preferred Coke, which is the more popular brand among the two.

Reports suggest that over the years, both drinks have evolved and changed their recipes to meet the changing trends. In America, Coke sells more than Pepsi. Some believe it has more to do with the taste, while some think it is because of the brand loyalty and image. In the same way, Pepsi outsells Coke in some Asian markets. Many believe it is because of the good image that Pepsi has created with its campaigns and social work in the third world countries. Whatever the reason, from an overview, both, Pepsi and Coke go neck-to-neck – be it the taste or the sales.

Researchers believe that people get used to one taste and start preferring it. It’s believed that no difference exists between the tastes. However, due to people sticking to one drink for years, they tend to think that it is better than the other. It is nothing but preconceived notions.
Moving from taste, there are other differences. Both the drinks have quite similar marketing techniques; they both look very different from the outer front. Coke uses the classic red label, while Pepsi has a blue logo. Pepsi believes more in connecting with its customers and coming up with targeted promotional strategies.

With time, Coke has also evolved in this regard and is now enthusiastically marketing its product.

As they are two different brands, they definitely have different recipes. Coke gives the fizzy effect as it has a higher percentage of carbonation. This can be seen by shaking the bottle and noticing the bubbles formed. More bubbles appear in coke due to the higher level of carbonation. Polls suggest that Coke is preferred by more serious and mature drinkers, while Pepsi is loved by youth and fun-loving people.

One more thing that should be remembered is that the taste of both drinks often differ, based on which part of the world you are in. However, it is concluded that Pepsi is indeed sweeter than Coke, while Coke has more carbonation.


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The Truth

softThere is nothing more refreshing than a hot summer’s day than looking back a refreshing glass of your favourite soft drink. It’s part of the tradition of the Western world, yet if you were to ask any doctor or nutritionist about the dangers of drinking soda water with gas injected into it along with collection of fairly dodgy chemicals to add taste and a large spoonful of sugar to add to its sweetness levels, you can well imagine what the answer would be.

To be fair in recent years the public at large are becoming increasingly aware of dangers of drinking far too much of these soft drinks, with many previous “over indulgers“ at least looking at drinking sugar free, some of them are going as far as drinking caffeine free versions of their favourites to reduce their dependence. However, after many years of high-powered advertising it will be difficult if not impossible to convince the lot of people to reduce their intake of this sugar filled and caffeine filled taste bombs. Even though medical research has shown that too much of an intake of these drinks will eventually lead to a person becoming overweight, the early onset of osteoporosis and other illnesses that are reluctant to mention.

Even more of a concern to those who are concerned about the health of others is the growth in demand among younger and more pressurised members of society for high energy drinks. All the negative factors relating to soft drinks seem small compared to what can be found in a very small can of an energy drink. The levels of caffeine found in these high energy drinks are so high that if they are taken in any kind of quantity, the harmful effects will be felt almost immediately. And it’s not as if the people who are taking these high-energy drinks are doing it to quench their thirst, but instead to give themselves an adrenalin boost in the middle of a pressurised working day or a long night of dancing and entertainment at the local club.

When it comes to the crunch, the tastiest and healthiest drink of them all is fresh water, but it will be difficult to convince a lot of today’s generation to think otherwise. If you want to find more about the possible dangers of drinking soft drinks and particularly energy drinks, you should click on the soft drinks face off web site. Don’t wait too long!

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Alternatives to Soft Drinks Support a Healthier Diet

By now, everyone who is even remotely concerned about their nutritional health knows that traditional soft drinks are bad for you.

Sugar (especially fructose) is the prime culprit behind the health risks posed by most soft drinks. Research has shown that the excessive consumption of sugary soft drinks leads to many health problems such as obesity and diabetes, which in turn lead to further problems.

Switching to diet soft drinks is a good start, because it helps eliminate the risk of obesity and associated health risks. However, depending on the sugar substitute used in the diet soft drink, other types of health problems may occur. For example, one controversial new study found that the risk of heart attack or stroke increased 48% for people who drank diet sodas every day. With new sugar substitutes coming onto the market all the time, researchers simply haven’t had enough time to study them all yet. However, many experts feel that Splenda is the safest artificial sweetener.

However, both diet and regular soft drinks come with other problems, such as artificial food colourings that, according to some experts, contain carcinogens that may contribute to certain types of cancer. These dark coloured soft drinks can also stain your teeth. Plus, any type of drink is typically a diuretic that can lead to dehydration.

In general, it’s best to avoid consuming foods and drinks with little to no nutritional value. It’s much healthier to drink water for hydration, but of course if you’re potency increase used to drinking soft drinks all day long, water can be boring!

The first step towards eliminating soft drinks from your diet is figuring out why you love them so much in the first place. If you rely on caffeinated soft drinks for an energy boost, consider replacing them with a natural source of caffeine, like tea. You can also try eating healthier foods that provide natural energy, such as bananas, so that you won’t end up in an energy slump in the first place.

If you like soft drinks for the flavour, consider replacing them with flavoured water. You can buy flavoured water by the bottle or else use powders to create your own quickly, easily, and cheaply. Flavoured waters have a tiny fraction of the calories of soft drinks, but some of them may still have the problems posed by artificial sweeteners.

If you just love the fizzy, bubbly sensation of soft drinks, consider making your own soft drinks with an at-home carbonation device like SodaStream. With SodaStream, you can add carbonation to any liquid you want. Jazz up that flavoured water, or even carbonate fresh fruit juice for a drink that is fun, healthy, and nutritious.

Even natural sugars such as may be found in fruit juices or smoothies can be harmful in excess. So no matter what soft drink alternative you choose, be sure to drink in moderation. Challenge yourself to consume fewer empty calories, and fewer soft drinks!

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Some Facts about Your Favorite Soft Drinks

The demand for these drinks is constantly on the rise.
soft-drinksGiven below are some cool facts about your favourite soft drinks. Know more about the drink you enjoy the most:

Coca Cola

– Coca Cola was initially invented to cure headaches.
– The Coke logo is available in over 80 languages.
– Coca Cola is available in more than 200 countries.
– Once opened, Coke gets bitter with time.


– One can of Pepsi contains around eight spoons of sugar.
– Originally, Pepsi was invented to cure stomach pain.
– Pepsi was invented in North Carolina, by Caleb D. Bradham in 1898.
– Pepsi faced problems with promotion in China when the slogan “Come alive with Pepsi” was translated into “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”.


– Sprite was introduced in the market in 1961.
– Sprite is lime-flavored, and most of its promotion revolves around how it keeps you fresh.
– Sprite is called lemonade in New Zealand and Australia.
– Sprite is available in more than 190 countries.

Mountain Dew

– Mountain Dew was introduced in 1940s.
– Originally, Mountain Dew was made with whiskey.
– Mountain Dew has orange juice present in it.
– Mountain Dew is rumored to gradually reduce the sperm count.


– It is believed, that the name 7Up came from the fact that original 7Up containers were 7 ounces.
– 7Up’s original name was “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”.
– 7Up originally had lithium present in it, which was taken out almost half a decade effective aid for men ago.
– 7Up amalgamated with Dr. Pepper in 1986.


– Fanta, the word, is derived from the word “fantasie”, which translates into “imagination” in German.
– Fanta is available in more than 180 countries; however, some flavors are only available in certain countries.
– The representative of Fanta is called Fantana.
– Fanta is a fruit flavored drink that caters to the taste of women, men and children.

Sierra Mist

– Sierra Mist was introduced in 1999 by PepsiCo.
– Sierra Mist is a lemon-lime flavored drink.
– Sierra Mist does not have any caffeine in it.
– Sierra Mist has several flavors, such as Diet Canberry Splash and Diet Ruby Splash.

Other Facts

Given below are some hard facts about soft drinks.soft drink sugar

– Over consumption of soda can be very hazardous, as it has negative effects on the brain. Doctors are strongly against regular drinking of carbonated drinks.
– Doctors suggest people to drink fresh juice instead of fruit flavored soft drinks.
– One of the major health problems, obesity, is caused by drinking soft drinks, due to the presence of sugar in them.
– Drinking too much of soft drinks open people to several health risks, including tooth decay, headaches and others.


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