Improving Your Nutrition with Seaweed Superfoods

If you’re looking to add a refreshing new twist to your cooking, consider seaweeds – an amazing group of superfoods that will do wonders for your nutrition!


Simply put, seaweeds will benefit your health:

– They are packed with minerals and contain more calcium than milk

– Their chemical composition helps alkalize and purify our blood

– Seaweeds also contain anti-oxidants and chlorophyll, which is a natural detoxifier

– Being high in iodine, seaweeds help regulate the metabolism, which can in turn improve weight loss


In Asia, seaweeds have been commonly used for a long time now – for example, as an ingredient in sushi, rice balls or miso soup. To get you started, you can try a simple recipe for Wakame Seaweed Salad!


Wakame is a green seaweed that is also great when used in stews, stocks and soups.

Unlike wakame, Arame is black and stringy looking – it is ideal for stir fries, salads and curries.

Dulse, a red seaweed, works great when added to vegetables, soups and salads.

Nori sheets are commonly used for sushi rolls, while Kombu is a traditional Japanese flavour enhancer.


As you can see, seaweeds are diverse, allowing you to variate between different kinds. Experiment until you find the ones which will best compliment your cooking. Keep in mind, however, that most of the seaweeds first need to be soaked in water – so it will be wise to plan your meals ahead.


Oh, and one last advice: seaweeds typically have a strong taste, so you might want to use them sparingly at first! Since seaweeds are so tightly packed with healthy nutrients, even a small amount will improve the quality of your meal.…

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