Health food coming to your fast food restaurants… it’s not just salad anymore!

For decades fast food was synonymous with unhealthy food. The industries were completely separate with different priorities, and the view was that they would never overlap. As the world’s understanding of the benefits of healthy food grew, better fast food became a greater priority. Most fast food restaurants began offering at least a salad on their menus fifteen to twenty years ago to accommodate the “one healthy eater” in the group and to answer critics about the healthy challenged nature of their menus.2850235_02

Small Healthier Steps Available

Now, though, more and more menus are being expanded to include better options such as grilled or rotisserie chicken meals and wraps that are not high in fat. More popular, healthier casual dining menus which do not specialize in fried food, are presenting more options to the general public. The menu items include foods that are not primarily fried and are heavily vegetable based, such as beans and rice combinations and more vegetables. These items are lower in calories and higher in healthier, bulk calories that fill a person up and enable them to eat less all day.

Gluten Free?

Gluten free, primarily an allergy related offering that some health buffs prefer, is becoming available on more menus as well. For the unfamiliar: viagra 100 mg Gluten causes a bad reaction in about 10% of the general population, including 1 in a hundred people who have Celiac disease. Now, to accommodate all the members of the family or friend group, more and more restaurants are moving to gluten free menus, or gluten free options for those who are intolerant, making a more pleasant dining experience for everyone. Some pizza parlors such as Domino’s are even moving towards gluten free dough for their pizza.

Increasingly, small items that add up to a lot of better calories and health benefits are being offered on menus, including fruit slices or side dishes that are not soaked in heavy syrups or oils.

Keep an Eye on the Caloric Bottom Line

Fast food is not likely to become the beacon of health, and there are still ways in even the most healthy environments to end up with a lot of calories. Cheese and guacamole both generally provide healthier fat calories than some other options, but they are still high in calories and their intake should be moderated. For those looking for healthy options, though, your time is here! They are out there to be taken advantage of, so feast, even in a fast food world.…

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