Pepsi vs. Coke

Coca-cola-vs-PepsiFor some it makes no difference, and for some it’s a matter of life and death. Pepsi vs. Coke, which are available in almost everywhere are two very similar yet very different brands that are equally popular around the world. Some say there is a huge difference between Pepsi and Coke, while some suggest it is all in the head.

It is believed that Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. However, a blindfolded test gave surprising results. When people were given both Pepsi and Coke to drink and to find the difference, they failed to do so as they both tasted same to them. However, when they were not blindfolded, they preferred Coke, which is the more popular brand among the two.

Reports suggest that over the years, both drinks have evolved and changed their recipes to meet the changing trends. In America, Coke sells more than Pepsi. Some believe it has more to do with the taste, while some think it is because of the brand loyalty and image. In the same way, Pepsi outsells Coke in some Asian markets. Many believe it is because of the good image that Pepsi has created with its campaigns and social work in the third world countries. Whatever the reason, from an overview, both, Pepsi and Coke go neck-to-neck – be it the taste or the sales.

Researchers believe that people get used to one taste and start preferring it. It’s believed that no difference exists between the tastes. However, due to people sticking to one drink for years, they tend to think that it is better than the other. It is nothing but preconceived notions.
Moving from taste, there are other differences. Both the drinks have quite similar marketing techniques; they both look very different from the outer front. Coke uses the classic red label, while Pepsi has a blue logo. Pepsi believes more in connecting with its customers and coming up with targeted promotional strategies.

With time, Coke has also evolved in this regard and is now enthusiastically marketing its product.

As they are two different brands, they definitely have different recipes. Coke gives the fizzy effect as it has a higher percentage of carbonation. This can be seen by shaking the bottle and noticing the bubbles formed. More bubbles appear in coke due to the higher level of carbonation. Polls suggest that Coke is preferred by more serious and mature drinkers, while Pepsi is loved by youth and fun-loving people.

One more thing that should be remembered is that the taste of both drinks often differ, based on which part of the world you are in. However, it is concluded that Pepsi is indeed sweeter than Coke, while Coke has more carbonation.


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What makes Thai food stand out

Thai food has a taste of its very own.

chiangmai-thai-cuisineWhile there are those that might be inclined to say that all food from the Far East has the same taste, anyone who knows better will be inclined to disagree. Each country in the Asian continent has their own distinct cuisine, although there are several common dominators running through it. The most common denominator of them all is rice, although Thai rice is cooked slightly differently than others, as the Thais love their rice cooked with a really sticky texture.

Thailand is one of the World’s leading producers of rice, and is capable of adding some tremendous flavours to the rice even before it is cooked. Thai Jasmine rice is the reckoned by most cooking experts to be the most flavour-some in the world, with an aroma combining sweetness and nuttiness, making for the ideal ingredient for sticky rice.

In order to prepare the Jasmin rice so that it will be nice and sticky, it needs to be left to soak for no less than an hour, in plain water. Jasmin rice is known not to perform well in a rice cooker, and the nest results are generally achieved by boiling it in a special rice steamer, that can be readily acquired and at limited expense in any oriental food store. With the rice steamer ready to go, with a little water at the bottom, the rice should be added, the steamer lid should be set firmly in place, and left to steam for between twenty minutes to half an hour. Once the rice has been successfully steamed, the gas under the steamer should be switched off, but under no circumstances should the lid be removed before the rice has cooled down.

With the rice successfully prepared, a warm bed for whatever topping to be placed on it is ready, and there are a wide number to choose from.
Most meat dishes in the Thai recipe book are based around either Pork or Chicken, although there are some fairly exotic alternatives available, but not for the faint of heart of stomach. The people of Thailand also enjoy their foods pretty spicy, although some of the sauces such as those using coconut milk and Galangal are more subtle for those with a sensitive palate.

A rare delicacy in Thai cooking in their delicious Banana Cake which is well worth a try.

If you want to find out more about the rich tapestry of tastes, colors scents and flavours and the recipes that make Thai cooking stand out, why not click on to find out lots more.…

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